Have you ever heard someone say 'I really like that photo but I don't know why'?

Hello. I'm EJ, an Interior photographer from Orland Park, IL and I work with real estate agents to produce beautiful images for their real estate listing portfolio.

Every listing is not perfect. I get that. In fact, photographing real estate is one of the most challenging projects I have ever done. But, through my ongoing training and coaching from some of the best Interior Design and Architectural professionals in the business, I am keenly aware of what it takes to get to that feeling of relief when you view my photographs.

I also understand many of the challenges that Realtors face when acquiring new listings and marketing real estate. Having access to professional and affordable real estate photography should not be one of them. And through collaboration, together we can develop a beautiful product that will be pleasing to you and the client.

Now is the time to take advantage of the hottest trend in real estate photography: 360 Virtual Tours. A big seller is the Zillow 3D Home Tour program. For a reasonable cost, you get free hosting and your listing is given a boost in the search engines. This gives you much broader exposure and a quicker sale potential.

My goal is to make the home attractive to potential buyers, and help you get more listings and make more money.

Ready to get started with your next real estate photography project?

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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATEYLY! We are observing strict COVID-19 Guidelines!

1. If anyone residing at the property has tested positive for COVID-19 or is otherwise self-quarantined, cancel this order because I will not enter the property. Otherwise, continue.

2. All persons must vacate the property at least one hour prior to the photographer’s arrival and not return until the photographer has left the property.

3. The hiring client (i.e. real estate agent) may meet the photographer at the property but must wear a face covering at all times and stay at least six feet away from the photographer at all times. It is recommended that a lockbox be left for the photographer instead to reduce the risk of exposure.

4. Once the photographer begins work, the hiring client, if meeting the photographer at the property, must not be inside the property and must remain out of the property until the photographer has left.

5. All lights must be turned on prior to the photographer’s arrival (to avoid touching surfaces).

6. The house must be noticeably clean and sanitary. It is left to the discretion of the photographer that if there is any doubt in sanitation, the photographer may leave the property immediately.

7. Once the photographer begins working, no one may enter the property, not even the owner or hiring client, until the photographer has left the property.

8. The photographer is to wear a face covering while inside the property at all times.